March 1, 2011


Ha'Tera is one of "The Faithful Five", as I like to call them. He is one of Cystenn's specially selected servants. While his main job is to keep Cystenn happy at all costs, he is also a sort of body guard, for the times that Cystenn does not wish to have the royal guard stalking him. Ha'Tera was also the last servant Cystenn chose, and while Cystenn has a close and "intimate" relationship with each of his servants, Ha'Tera holds an even closer place in his heart. He could, perhaps, even be considered Cystenn's first love...

Cystenn ran. He could feel his heart pounding as he stumbled through the forest. Every step he took was heavy, and he knew that the crunching of the twigs and leaves beneath his feet gave away his position. As he tripped and crashed into a tree, he prayed fervently that his spells would last and work well. His fingers flew as his hands began to form the spell. His mouth moved as he whispered the incantations necessary to complete the spell.

With the last word leaving his lips, Cystenn gasped as a slight numbness ran through his body. It started in the small of his back and, within seconds, spread out to the tips of his fingers and toes.The invisibility spell was active. Cystenn hoped that the spell would be enough to keep him hidden, even though there would still be noise.

After being on the run for another three hours, Cystenn was satisfied with how long it had been silent behind him. He believed the vampires had given up on their chase. Cystenn had slowed to a trudge by this time, and when he came upon a small clearing with an even smaller pond, he sighed with relief.

The water was cool and inviting when he dipped his hands in for a drink. Without hesitating, he waded into the pond, removing his sweat soaked clothes to wash them. The numbness left his body as he relaxed. He had finally been in a safe enough environment to let go of the concentration on the invisibility spell.

After a few relaxing moments underwater, Cystenn resurfaces to examine his surroundings. Ha'Tera is sitting at the water's edge, calm as could be, it was then that Cystenn screamed.

"My lord, please!"  Ha'Tera jumped up and splashed into the water with Cystenn. He threw a hand over Cystenn's mouth. "It's just me! If you're too loud, you might be heard!"

Cystenn pried Ha'Tera's hand away. He stared at Ha'Tera for what seemed like an eternity until he began to cry. The onslaught of tears caught Ha'Tera off guard. "Cystenn, what's wrong?" He pulled Cystenn into his arms, embracing him tightly. "I don't like to see you cry," He murmured into Cystenn's hair.

Burying his face into Ha'Tera's sweat soaked chest, Cystenn cried, "I thought you were dead too! I saw them! They killed all of them! Allien and Kayden and the others! I thought they had gotten you too!"

"It's ok. I'm still here. I'll protect you." Ha'Tera motioned to the pond bank. "Are you all clean? Let's get your clothes back on, my lord." he said as he led Cystenn out of the water.

When Cystenn stopped walking with him, Ha'Tera turned, concerned, to his king. "What's wrong, my lord? Are you hurt?"

Cystenn threw his arms around Ha'Tera's neck, and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Ha'Tera's arms settled themselves around Cystenn's slender waist. Breaking their loving kiss, Cystenn whispered to Ha'Tera, "I'm so happy that you're alive."

Smiling, Ha'Tera responded, "I'm happy you're still with me as well, my lord."

Cystenn moved from Ha'Tera's embrace. "Ha'Tera, call me Cystenn, for crying out loud. I was surprised when you said my name earlier, but I liked it much better."

Ha'Tera nodded slowly, thinking it over. "If that is what you wish, Prince."

Cystenn sighed heavily as he pulled his wet clothes on.  "You did it again. Don't call me Prince anymore either. We're on the run, right? What if someone heard you?"

Ha'Tera helped Cystenn with the last of his clothing, and tilted his head up for a chaste kiss. "So...I can't call you 'Prince' ever again?" he asked.

Cystenn smiled deviously. "Well, maybe in bed."

Taking Cystenn's hand, Ha'Tera said, "I'm glad I found you." And together, they started their long trek towards the bestial lands of Rosche.

Poor little prince. Though, by the timeline I have set, he is king now. Ahem. "And they lived happily ever after." Actually, this is not so. I don't know that I'll ever actually post the next bit of this "memory" so I'll go ahead and tell you, the couple DO make it to the haven that is Rosche, but Aldon (who has yet to be written about in an actual post) is also there. And things go down. Cystenn makes it out alive and well, but the same cannot be said for his love. Stay tuned!

Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.

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