This page is dedicated to all things elven and glowing! This will not be about the characters of Gla'nnara, but instead about the history and geography. The Glowing Forests will live on this page as well. Check back soon, as there will be more and more added!


Well, this is a rough map of where everything is. (Click to zoom in.)

Since this is Gla'nnara's page, I'll go ahead and let you know, those little squiggles to the left of Gla'nnara's "X"? Those are trees. Forgive my awful drawings.

The elven region is mostly plains, very flat, and straightforward, with three forest colonies, and one coastal city.

The three forest colonies are made up of nomadic Glow Elves, with the smallest tribe having about 15 members, and the largest having about 65 members.

Each colony has a specific outpost that they return to a few times each year to trade with either city based elves, humans from the southern part of the continent, vampires from the southwestern part of the continent, or even with some of the "smarter" creatures from Rosche. The trade differs for each colony, but is usually handmade weapons, furniture, or jewelry, domesticated animals, and even elven children.

I know you're wondering about the children, right? The Glow Elves favor tradition and image over everything. Their region has the lowest crime and death rates, and this is due to the trade of children. Elves are considered children until their 800th birthday, even though their bodies grow quickly, and, when compared to a human, they look 25 to 30 years old. During this time, if a child is unusually rebellious or could potentially be a threat to the image Gla'nnara wants to uphold, they can be traded for goods. These children are not tracked in any way, and once they leave the elven region, they are given a specific tattoo on each of their wrists and no longer considered elven.

The coastal city is the only trade port in Gla'nnara, and one of the only two trade ports on the continent, though there are other fishing ports along the coastline.

The Glowing Forests span the entire western border of the elven territory, and continue to the north, separating the elves from Rosche, the bestial lands.

While most of the plants and trees living in The Glowing Forests do glow at night, during the day, the forest looks rather normal.

Ask any one of the Glow Elves, and they'll tell you the best time to see the forest all lit up is during Vic Din Dai, a yearly nighttime festival that takes place on the one night of pollination.

That night every plant releases pollen into the air, and then not only do the plants glow, but so does the pollen. It makes for quite a beautiful spectacle.

In addition to the beauty of the forest, the Glow Elves have dancing and music, as well as many traditional foods, and theatrical performances.

For copyright reasons, the pictures (aside from my terribly drawn map) are not mine. They are beautiful, however, and if one of them happens to belong to you, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due! Also, please let it be known that the copyright of Gla'nnara, Rosche, Vlamiser, and this whole little world I have created, including the history and back stories are all mine, and are not available for third party usage at this time.


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  2. Thank you, Varun! I'm definitely working on some more updates, but it might be a while. Keep checking back though!


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