This page will be all about the history and geography of Rosche, also known as, The Bestial Lands.
There will also be some information on what types of creatures you may find in this part of the world!
Check back later for more updates!


Here is a map of the small world. Forgive how terrible it is. Click to zoom in.

The Graw are the first creatures we have come across in Rosche! Until I get my lovely drawing assistant, AJ, A Western Dream's author , to sketch me out all my creations (if she will agree to it), I've got a picture to help you imagine how they look.

Now then, some of the known facts about the Graw are that they live in Rosche, and are currently at the top of the "food chain" so to speak. The Graw cannot speak the common language, so it's difficult to understand them or to trade with them at times, but body language is a strong point for them.

The Graw's trade consist of minerals that are abundant in their area, and slave trade. The Graw have captured many different types of creatures that live in Rosche. These creatures are chained and shackled, and are "trained" according to their race, gender, and build. Females are usually sold as pets, household maids, or sex slaves to buyers in Vlamiser, the vampire region, or to humans in the southernmost region. Males are sold as labourers, if they are lucky enough to be from a rather plain race. Others with special abilites or a very strong build are "trained" as warriors and used for games and gambling purposes.

A normal Graw stands at about six to seven feet tall, and all have a thick body build. They are strong in groups, but could possibly be taken down on a two-to-one scale if the other race has enough of a intellectual advantage, as well as being somewhat versed in the ways of combat. A normal sized Graw usually takes care of the trade, while the largest Graw, which stand about seven and a half to eight feet tall, are the hunters. They are the protectors of their tribe, as well as the ones that hunt and capture for the slave trade.

The Graw are usually separated by tribes, and territory wars are common between tribes. The current controlling tribe has more than five hundred Graw, and is occupying the center of Rosche, aka The Dirt Pit, which is in the valley and is the only area with completely flat land. Everything else is covered by hills and steep cliffs up to the mountains that surround Rosche. All other tribes have made their homes in the mountains.

More on the Graw will come soon!


The second most well known creatures in Rosche are, of course, the werewolves. The picture below is a man trapped between his human and full werewolf forms. I am hoping to eventually get some pictures of all the transformation stages here.

A very special character, Tiyana, is a werewolf. She is a big focus for the book I'm writing, and is a character who has been through it all and has been around for quite a while now.

She has started out as a captured victim on here, and she was to be sold as a slave, but, if you're following the stories, you've seen what she's been through.

More will come about the werewolves and Tiyana soon!


Next we have a character specific to Rosche! His name is Addendor, and he is, as far as we know, the last of his kind. My lovely artist, AJ, A Western Dream's author , has drawn out a picture of him.

Addendor has lived in and around Rosche his entire life. He is a full size dragon, but not much is known about his background. He is a deep ruby red color, and wears specially made armor to help protect him. He is also a spellcaster, and has a jewel that was crafted for him by a special friend of his that helps him to channel even more energy into his spells. More will be learned about him soon!

For copyright reasons, the pictures (aside from my terribly drawn map) are not mine. They are beautiful, however, and if one of them happens to belong to you, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due! Also, please let it be known that the copyright of Gla'nnara, Rosche, Vlamiser, and this whole little world I have created, including the history and back stories are all mine, and are not available for third party usage at this time.

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