March 25, 2011

Magic Makes The World Go Round

Anddddddd Action!

Drawn my wonderful sketch artist: AJ!

The dragon wore a special made set of armor, which included a crinet to cover the softer portion of his neck, a shaffron, which protected his face and was equipped with spikes for an extra advantage, and peytral, designed to keep enemies from his weakest spot, the chest and underbelly. The strange man who had pulled her onto the dragon’s back sat in a seat fashioned from metal and leather that appeared to attach to the crinet and shaffron to hold it in place. Before taking off into flight, Tiyana had only glanced at the man. He wore robes made of a thick, black material that fit tightly against his slim body, and covered him completely. Even with the hood darkening his face, Tiyana had only seen a strip of his skin, which was a milky white, and bright red eyes that stared her down.

Tiyana laid flat on the wide expanse of the dragon’s neck, her fingers digging deep in his scales, holding on for dear life. She dared not look down, for fear of falling to her death. Her stomach lurched with every stroke of his wings, and she prayed that she would not lose her meager breakfast all over her rescuer’s back. Her eyes would have stayed tightly shut, if she had not felt the strange white man’s hand on her forearm. Just turning her head made the bones in her neck and collar crack, and she whimpered at the excrutiating pain as he dragged her slowly towards him.

“Take hold.” He ordered in a deep, almost gravelly, voice, as he struggled to pull her deformed body to his seat. Tiyana obeyed, whimpering as her fingers wrapped around the sun-warmed metal.

It felt like years before they finally landed. Tiyana fell to the ground once she saw the grass, but was only able to hiss and curl from the pain, instead of burying her nose into the earth like she desired. The man who had accompanied her jumped down, landing smoothly next to her. “What’s wrong, feir?” He asked softly. The dragon moved over her, staring at her briefly before sniffing curiously at her.

He knelt next to her crumpled body. “You are in pain. Yes, that’s easy to see.” He nodded, and Tiyana wasn’t sure if it was at her, or to himself. He pulled at her arms, trying to move them from her stomach. “Sha feir! I cannot help if you don’t relax!” He scolded. Tiyana forced her body limp, shaking and crying from the pain. He pushed and prodded at her body, feeling from her neck to her abdomen. The dragon sniffed her again.

“She is stuck, Rayne.” The dragon nodded his head, moving in closer to peer down at Tiyana, who stared at this beast with wide eyes. Her shock was easy to see.

“Addendor, please. I can’t help her if I can’t see.” Rayne firmly pushed the dragon’s snout away. “I know she’s stuck, but I’m not sure how to help her out of it.” Addendor moved closer again, and Rayne sighed in annoyance. Addendor let out a huff, nearly knocking Rayne over with the force of it. He turned, careful not to step on his much smaller companions, and made himself comfortable under the shade of some trees.

Rayne popped his knuckles and began massaging Tiyana’s abdomen with quick, precise motions. His fingertips glowed slightly, and Tiyana’s uneasiness in her stomach grew. Watching his fingers fly caused her to feel dizzy, and she soon lost her breath. She gasped for air frantically, but could not move. After a few seconds, she fell into darkness.

Addendor, who had been watching the ritual carefully, narrowed his eyes as Rayne’s glowing fingers began to leave shimmering streaks of light across her abdomen. Rayne was focused, watching the lights and feeling the magic coursing through her. He hadn’t even noticed how Tiyana’s body was shifting, changing. Rayne was enthralled by the power he felt. He didn’t know what it was, but he deeply wished to possess it. The world around him was blank, and meaningless, compared to the magic before him. Without any forethought into what he was doing, and without remembering his original task, Rayne plunged his hands into the magic.

Tiyana awoke, screaming as Rayne’s hands disappeared into her stomach. Addendor rushed to his feet, roaring at Rayne, who seemed to hear neither of his companions. Rayne could feel the magic, silky on his hands, as it seemed to stretch into his grasp, wanting to be held and consumed. Closing his fingers around it, he pulled hard, trying to bring the enchanted lighted mass to his chest.

Tiyana’s eyes were wide and red, and her face covered in tears. Her back arched painfully as Rayne pulled. Addendor ran the few steps over to them, spinning around to whip his tail at Rayne, causing him to fall back and pull free of Tiyana. The orb of magic came with him, and immediately absorbed into his hands.

With Tiyana now free of Rayne, Addendor took a deep breath, and blew smoke tinged with yellow over her mouth. As she breathed in it, coughing and sputtering, the bruises on her skin cleared up. Sufficiently satisfied, Addendor turned to his mage-friend, hurrying to cover his pale skin from the sun.

Rayne moaned as he sat up. He glanced up at Addendor, who stared down at him. “My hood!” Rayne exclaimed, fumbling for the thick black hood to pull it over his pale, almost white, hair.

I know, I know. "You suck! Why do you always stop in weird places?" I'll be back. :)

Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.


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March 17, 2011

The Trap

~Hello again! I've got something new for you.
A small story about Tiyana, this time. I hope you enjoy it.
I've found my notebook again, so I'm very happy again.
Also, here's a picture for ya'll, it's something to help you visualize through the story.

She was tired of running all the time, tired of feeling helpless and trapped. She hated the pain, though the tears had stopped long ago. She had been beaten and raped, tortured and confined. But what she hated above all were the chains.

She had been very careful about who she had spoken to, not that it had mattered in the end. As the months had gone by, she saw what was  happening. They had broken the others. It happened fast, once they were targeted. A few days in the smallest cage, no room to stand, or stretch your legs. They were lucky to get water then. When, and if, they were remembered before they died, they were taken from the cage, and provoked until the change. Somehow, with magic, she assummed, they were stuck there. Part way between human and beast, and they were stuck.

These abominations were grotesque, and fearful. They were fiercely violent, especially towards one another. Every move could be hear distinctly as bones cracked and ligaments tore. They were trapped in a painful prison, in a body too small for the frame it held. After a few weeks of the blinding pain, and being starved, these beasts lost any shred of who they may have once been. That was how the Graw took control of them, and how they grew their army.

Tiyana had been the luckiest of her clan mates and fellow changers. There had been a fight between the Graw over territory issues, and Tiyana's chains had been snapped in the process. She was able to run while her captors fought. She ran as long and as hard as she could. Her body ached, burning from the lack of movement over the past months. She knew that, if she were lucky, the Graw would only be about an hour behind her. Transforming into her werewolf form would surely be a faster way to travel, but until she was certain on how the Graw had trapped the others, Tiyana did not want to risk getting trapped mid-way.

Tiyana was suddenly aware of her surroundings. Something was watching her, and she could feel their eyes on her. It was eeriely quiet, except for Tiyana's laboured breathing and heavy footsteps. She knew the Graw were incapable of silent scouting, and that only caused her more grief. Her silent stalker never showed himself, and once Tiyana heard the snarls and roaring of the Graw searchig the area for her, she forgot about him.

About ten to eleven miles out from the dirt pit that housed the Graw, Tiyana finally hit the hills. She scrambled over the small ones, praying fervently that she'd be able to find a passage through the mountains once the time came. There were only two easily traversed paths into Rosche, one on each side of the border. She would lose time as the hills became more, and as they grew steeper. There wouldn't be much time, if she even made it far enough to find a new way through the mountain range.

Tiyana lost her footing, sliding back down the cliffside. She hit the ground hard, panicking because she could now smell the Graw closing in on her. Their screeches and roaring had gotten much louder over the past hour. They would soon overtake her, and then any chance of being free again, would be taken from her.

She tried again to climb the rock wall, but fell again due to her shaking hands. Her fear had stretched to new heights, and all she could think was, "I don't want to go back! I don't want to go back!" Again she tried to climb, and again, she fell.

She stood from the hard ground, bleeding from the fall, and turned just in time to see a Graw burst from the trees. He stood at least three heads taller than her, and was hugge. His body was thick, but hard, and his skin was a sickly green. he smelled of rotting carcass, and his teeth were a nasty shade of brown. He roared at her, lunging towards her with his Graw-made wooden spear.

Tiyana's stomach lurched as she threw herself out of the way. "No!" She screamed. More Graw came from the trees as her stomach tightened unbearably, and she doubled over in pain. Her body cracked and began to distort as she howled in pain.

A whip of a material foreign to her snapped around her neck, forcing her to an upright position. Her eyes were wild as she snarled, trying to lunge at the Graw surrounding her. She was overtaken, however, and soon she was being  held by many of the same whips. Her body broke and cracked, and halted in the middle of transformation. She cried out, but her words were no longer human.

A shadow engulfed them all, and Tiyana fell to the ground in pain as the Graw screamed in terror. Tiyana glanced up through blurry eyes to see her savior, a ruby red dragon who was tearing through the Graw. She watched as he stomped them into the ground, as a thick, fiery liquid spewed from his mouth and onto a group of the Graw, hardening around them soon after. This was the last thing she saw before blacking out.

~Well. Forgive any terrible mistakes. I literally just finished writing this in my notebook and copied it into here.
Also, I don't know who drew the picture above, but if it belongs to you, please let me know so I can give you the credit you deserve!

Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.

March 11, 2011

The Moonlight Ritual 2

~So, I know I've left a few of you hanging, so give me a chance to apologize.
I seem to have misplaced "The Notebooks", the ones that I keep everything related to my Glowing Forest characters in. I don't know what happened to them and I am frantic. There are quite a few things in those notebooks that I would never show to anyone.
Wish me luck while I'm looking for my notebooks.

Adam furrowed his brows as he watched Kael tidy the area near the tent entrance. "I'm sorry, but I'm confused." He said, striding forward to help Kael move the slate table to the opposite side of the roof terrace. They returned for the accompanying chairs. Kael kept his eyes focused on his work, and all was silent. Adam felt the creeping of doubt growing in his chest. Just as Adam had decided to try and pressure Kael into answering, the others came to join them.

Tiyana wore a knee length cotton dress. It was a tan color, with swirling, hand painted, abstract patterns of color along the hems. She winked at Adam and bounced away to disappear into the waiting tent. Aldon followed slowly after her, pulling off his loose t-shirt to reveal that his torso had been painted with the same colorful swirls as Tiyana's dress. Cystenn came over to Adam as he pinned up his hair in a messy ponytail.

"Hey, love. Are you talking with Kael? He's a great guy, but you won't get much conversation from him." Cystenn smiled.

Adam nodded. "Yeah, I know." He turned to watch as Kael walked away from them. Tiyana met him at the tent entrance and kissed his cheek before leading him inside. Adam turned his focus back to Cystenn. "I don't quite understand your friends, Cystenn."

"What do you mean? I know they aren't the perfect family, but..." Cystenn tugged at Adam's shirt. "Take this off so you can get ready."

Adam removed his shirt for Cystenn, who was preparing some paints and washing a paintbrush in a cup of water. "Well, first of all, are Tiyana, Kael, and Aldon all together? Or am I imagining that?" Adam asked. Cystenn began to paint the same symbols on Adam's chest. Adam glanced at the symbols. "What are these for?"

"So many questions!" Cystenn laughed. "Ok. No, but you aren't imagining it, and these are essential to what we will be doing tonight."

Adam scratched his head in confusion. "Um. If they aren't, but I'm not imagining it, then what the hell is it?" Adam reached out and grabbed Cystenn's wrist. "And, sorry, but what are we doing tonight?"

Cystenn grinned. He kissed Adam's arm and replied, "Sweetie, we're going back in time."

"And, Adam, dear, I can answer your questions about us." Tiyana said, walking over to them with her hands resting on her hips. She smiled warmly at Adam. "You see, I met Kael when he was but eighteen or nineteen years old. We married very soon after that." Tiyana picked up a small paintbrush and dipped it into the red paint. As she helped Cystenn with the symbols, she continued, "I was always running away from something. Or someone. So at one point after our marriage, I had to leave, and quickly. I ran into Aldon, and, well..."

"They got down and dirty." Cystenn interjected, sticking his tongue out at Tiyana, who laughed.

"Yes, that." Tiyana chuckled. "But, more importantly, Aldon followed me back home. And he's been there ever since."

"He's like a stray dog, really." Cystenn laughed as he washed his paintbrush clean.

~Well, I'm a bit out of time for the moment, but more will come of this story.
Also, please check out my new pages! Some are not completed at this time, but there are a few with some interesting things! And they will be updated soon enough!

Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.

March 5, 2011

A First In These Memories

Oh my, oh my! I was just informed today that Jezebel, the lovely and wonderful author of ...In Through The Out Door... gave me my first Blog Award!

Surprised? Me too. But she gave me the Stylish Blogger Award! I'm very appreciative of this award, though I plan to play around with the layout and hopefully it'll be perfect once I'm done!

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Here's my seven things about me:
  1. I'm married. I have been since November, 2009. I've been with my husband for four years total, and we are the ultimate high school sweethearts. :p
  2. The characters I write with are all a little piece of me, and they've been around since my junior high years. They've changed quite a lot over the years.
  3. I'm actually a very very critical person. I'm the worst on myself, but I tend to be rather hard on others as well, especially if you're a loved one and have a close relationship with me.
  4. I'm obsessed with cats. If my husband weren't such a strong willed person, we'd be overrun with them.
  5. I consider myself very open minded. I have friends from a broad spectrum of types, backgrounds, religions, and whatnot. I don't care if you're a hardcore christian, or even if you're a hardcore satanist. It doesn't matter to me if you're gay, straight, or bisexual. It matters even less if you're black, brown, olive, white, or blue. I love people and I love to talk to different people and learn all about different things. I'm always hungry for new knowledge.
  6. Despite what I just said about loving to talk to people, I'm also a very shy, cautious girl. It takes me a few months of knowing someone to really get comfortable enough to talk freely. You'll know it when it happens too! Haha!
  7. I'm Native American, which means I can't really hold any alcohol whatsoever. Haha! Also, I've been recognized as a Princess of my tribe. Lame? Sometimes. But it feels great to be called a princess now and again. :p
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March 2, 2011

The Moonlight Ritual

This one has all my favorites wrapped up in it. :D
It's also an AU (also known as Alternate Universe), and is in no way associated with the actual storyline I have in place for my "under construction" book.
It's just that, sometimes, I need a break from Gla'nnara. And then my characters end up in Seattle, or Los Angeles...anywhere other than Baton Rouge, really....................

Kael kicked the bottom of the door, lightly at first, then harder when no one came to open it for him. He shifted the paper bags in his arms, catching his breath when he nearly dropped one of the nine bags.

"Heeeeey!" Kael shouted. His deep voice rumbled through the open air walkways that separated their upscale condo from the thirty others who lived nearby.

Growling under his breath, Kael glared at the imposing door. It was only because of this slight blockade that he was kept out of his house. Kael felt his fingers dig into the paper bags as his hands tightened into fists. They were in there, the three of them, clearly ignoring his call for assistance. And this...this flimsy excuse for a barricade in front of him! Kael grit his teeth with anger. He was mere steps away from his journey's end. If only this door were gone!

Kael glanced both ways down the walkway before turning his red hot gaze back to the unwelcome hinderance. With a loud, earth shaking roar, Kael kicked. He felt it as his heavy, weighted boot connected with the wood of the door. A smile appeared on his face when he felt the door give way and splinter, allowing his foot all the way through.

Kael walked into his home, satisfied with the emotional release he had experienced. He dumped his bags onto the awaiting kitchen counter, and began removing the groceries from them.

"Kael!" Footsteps echoed through the room as Tiyana and Aldon rushed into the kitchen. "What did you do to our new door?" Tiyana exclaimed.

Looking over, Kael let his eyes drift over Tiyana's form briefly. She had a towel wrapped tight around her slender figure and her hair piled on top of her head messily, held by bobby pins.

"Geez, Kael! C'mon, man! That is not cool! We just fixed the door from last time!" Aldon whined, his hands on his hips. He too had a towel wrapped around him.

Kael quickly turned away from that image. "I yelled for help." He said as he returned to the groceries.

Cystenn laughed as he joined them in the kitchen. He held a margarita glass that was nearly empty. "Again, huh?" He set down his cup on the bar counter to lean over it and watch Kael's hands at work. "What was it this time?"

Kael glanced up at Cystenn. He noticed how Cystenn's hair had remained long, and glossy black, despite how times had changed. It seemed that no matter where or when they were, Cystenn would never change. "I needed in." Kael simply replied.

"Mmhmm." Cystenn downed the rest of his drink before swinging around the counter to stand next to Kael. "Ooh! Red bellpepper! Awesome!" He held the pepper in one  hand and used the other to trail along Kael's bicep. He grinned. "So, are you going to help me make dinner, gorgeous?"

Kael's facial features hardened. "No." Cystenn's flirtations were also something he would never be used to either.

"Oh, how terribly sad." Cystenn said, laughing. "In that case, leave this to me. Aldon?"

"Of course." Aldon answered quickly. He winked at Cystenn. "I would never refuse you, Prince."

Cystenn's smile faded. "Don't call me that." He demanded. "Tiyana, my love. Ready the things we'll need for tonight?"

Tiyana mockingly saluted him. "Certainly!"

Cystenn smiled again. "Now then." He turned back to Kael, who was shoving paper bags into the trash can. "Kael, if you would, go up to the roof. The tent still needs to be set up. Ha'Tera is up there, working on it right now." Cystenn gasped softly. Closing his eyes as though pained, he said, "Sorry. Adam is what I meant." He sighed. "I'll never get used to the idea that my Ha'Tera was reincarnated."

Kael nodded slowly. "At least...he came back to you." Cystenn's eyes opened, moist at the edges as he blinked away unshed tears. He smiled sadly, nodding at Kael.

The group split, each going their own ways to ready for the night. They only had two hours until nightfall, and performing the ritual would take most of the night. Every year, on June 16th, they would come together, no matter where they had been. This tradition had been started three years after the group had first settled together.

"I'm nervous, Aldon." Cystenn confessed as he stirred the bubbling pots on the stove.

Aldon chuckled. "Worried I'll kill him again?" Cystenn narrowed his eyes at Aldon and pressed his lips into a thin line. Aldon quickly pulled Cystenn close and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. "You don't have to worry about Ha'Tera, my prince."

Cystenn half heartedly shoved Aldon away. "I'm not a prince anymore." He muttered before biting into the strawberries he had set out for snacking.

"No, but you most certainly are still spoiled like a prince!" Aldon exclaimed, laughing loudly.
Kael hammered the last lock for the tent legs in place. Adam was at the other side of the tent, pulling the cover fabric into place and securing it. He glanced over at Kael, remembering Cystenn's speech to him about being friendly on the plane ride over.

"So...Kael. How do you know Cystenn? I've never heard him mention any of his friends or family before." Adam asked, trying desperately to start a conversation. Cystenn's happiness meant the world to him, and after nearly a year and a half, Adam was glad to finally meet Cystenn's "family". He wanted to make a good impression.

Kael stood up and tossed his hammer into his tool bag. "I've known Cystenn a long time. Not nearly as long as Aldon or Tiyana, but it still seems like an eternity."

"Oh, ok. So, childhood friends then?" Adam replied with a smile.

"Not exactly. But you'll learn about that tonght, I suppose."

This is where I'm ending it...for now. Sorry about the kind of abrupt ending, but I AM working on it, so I'll post more to it soon enough. Also, I realized there isn't much about Tiyana in this one, though at least now I can say there's something about her on here.

Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.

March 1, 2011


Ha'Tera is one of "The Faithful Five", as I like to call them. He is one of Cystenn's specially selected servants. While his main job is to keep Cystenn happy at all costs, he is also a sort of body guard, for the times that Cystenn does not wish to have the royal guard stalking him. Ha'Tera was also the last servant Cystenn chose, and while Cystenn has a close and "intimate" relationship with each of his servants, Ha'Tera holds an even closer place in his heart. He could, perhaps, even be considered Cystenn's first love...

Cystenn ran. He could feel his heart pounding as he stumbled through the forest. Every step he took was heavy, and he knew that the crunching of the twigs and leaves beneath his feet gave away his position. As he tripped and crashed into a tree, he prayed fervently that his spells would last and work well. His fingers flew as his hands began to form the spell. His mouth moved as he whispered the incantations necessary to complete the spell.

With the last word leaving his lips, Cystenn gasped as a slight numbness ran through his body. It started in the small of his back and, within seconds, spread out to the tips of his fingers and toes.The invisibility spell was active. Cystenn hoped that the spell would be enough to keep him hidden, even though there would still be noise.

After being on the run for another three hours, Cystenn was satisfied with how long it had been silent behind him. He believed the vampires had given up on their chase. Cystenn had slowed to a trudge by this time, and when he came upon a small clearing with an even smaller pond, he sighed with relief.

The water was cool and inviting when he dipped his hands in for a drink. Without hesitating, he waded into the pond, removing his sweat soaked clothes to wash them. The numbness left his body as he relaxed. He had finally been in a safe enough environment to let go of the concentration on the invisibility spell.

After a few relaxing moments underwater, Cystenn resurfaces to examine his surroundings. Ha'Tera is sitting at the water's edge, calm as could be, it was then that Cystenn screamed.

"My lord, please!"  Ha'Tera jumped up and splashed into the water with Cystenn. He threw a hand over Cystenn's mouth. "It's just me! If you're too loud, you might be heard!"

Cystenn pried Ha'Tera's hand away. He stared at Ha'Tera for what seemed like an eternity until he began to cry. The onslaught of tears caught Ha'Tera off guard. "Cystenn, what's wrong?" He pulled Cystenn into his arms, embracing him tightly. "I don't like to see you cry," He murmured into Cystenn's hair.

Burying his face into Ha'Tera's sweat soaked chest, Cystenn cried, "I thought you were dead too! I saw them! They killed all of them! Allien and Kayden and the others! I thought they had gotten you too!"

"It's ok. I'm still here. I'll protect you." Ha'Tera motioned to the pond bank. "Are you all clean? Let's get your clothes back on, my lord." he said as he led Cystenn out of the water.

When Cystenn stopped walking with him, Ha'Tera turned, concerned, to his king. "What's wrong, my lord? Are you hurt?"

Cystenn threw his arms around Ha'Tera's neck, and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Ha'Tera's arms settled themselves around Cystenn's slender waist. Breaking their loving kiss, Cystenn whispered to Ha'Tera, "I'm so happy that you're alive."

Smiling, Ha'Tera responded, "I'm happy you're still with me as well, my lord."

Cystenn moved from Ha'Tera's embrace. "Ha'Tera, call me Cystenn, for crying out loud. I was surprised when you said my name earlier, but I liked it much better."

Ha'Tera nodded slowly, thinking it over. "If that is what you wish, Prince."

Cystenn sighed heavily as he pulled his wet clothes on.  "You did it again. Don't call me Prince anymore either. We're on the run, right? What if someone heard you?"

Ha'Tera helped Cystenn with the last of his clothing, and tilted his head up for a chaste kiss. "So...I can't call you 'Prince' ever again?" he asked.

Cystenn smiled deviously. "Well, maybe in bed."

Taking Cystenn's hand, Ha'Tera said, "I'm glad I found you." And together, they started their long trek towards the bestial lands of Rosche.

Poor little prince. Though, by the timeline I have set, he is king now. Ahem. "And they lived happily ever after." Actually, this is not so. I don't know that I'll ever actually post the next bit of this "memory" so I'll go ahead and tell you, the couple DO make it to the haven that is Rosche, but Aldon (who has yet to be written about in an actual post) is also there. And things go down. Cystenn makes it out alive and well, but the same cannot be said for his love. Stay tuned!

Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.