March 17, 2011

The Trap

~Hello again! I've got something new for you.
A small story about Tiyana, this time. I hope you enjoy it.
I've found my notebook again, so I'm very happy again.
Also, here's a picture for ya'll, it's something to help you visualize through the story.

She was tired of running all the time, tired of feeling helpless and trapped. She hated the pain, though the tears had stopped long ago. She had been beaten and raped, tortured and confined. But what she hated above all were the chains.

She had been very careful about who she had spoken to, not that it had mattered in the end. As the months had gone by, she saw what was  happening. They had broken the others. It happened fast, once they were targeted. A few days in the smallest cage, no room to stand, or stretch your legs. They were lucky to get water then. When, and if, they were remembered before they died, they were taken from the cage, and provoked until the change. Somehow, with magic, she assummed, they were stuck there. Part way between human and beast, and they were stuck.

These abominations were grotesque, and fearful. They were fiercely violent, especially towards one another. Every move could be hear distinctly as bones cracked and ligaments tore. They were trapped in a painful prison, in a body too small for the frame it held. After a few weeks of the blinding pain, and being starved, these beasts lost any shred of who they may have once been. That was how the Graw took control of them, and how they grew their army.

Tiyana had been the luckiest of her clan mates and fellow changers. There had been a fight between the Graw over territory issues, and Tiyana's chains had been snapped in the process. She was able to run while her captors fought. She ran as long and as hard as she could. Her body ached, burning from the lack of movement over the past months. She knew that, if she were lucky, the Graw would only be about an hour behind her. Transforming into her werewolf form would surely be a faster way to travel, but until she was certain on how the Graw had trapped the others, Tiyana did not want to risk getting trapped mid-way.

Tiyana was suddenly aware of her surroundings. Something was watching her, and she could feel their eyes on her. It was eeriely quiet, except for Tiyana's laboured breathing and heavy footsteps. She knew the Graw were incapable of silent scouting, and that only caused her more grief. Her silent stalker never showed himself, and once Tiyana heard the snarls and roaring of the Graw searchig the area for her, she forgot about him.

About ten to eleven miles out from the dirt pit that housed the Graw, Tiyana finally hit the hills. She scrambled over the small ones, praying fervently that she'd be able to find a passage through the mountains once the time came. There were only two easily traversed paths into Rosche, one on each side of the border. She would lose time as the hills became more, and as they grew steeper. There wouldn't be much time, if she even made it far enough to find a new way through the mountain range.

Tiyana lost her footing, sliding back down the cliffside. She hit the ground hard, panicking because she could now smell the Graw closing in on her. Their screeches and roaring had gotten much louder over the past hour. They would soon overtake her, and then any chance of being free again, would be taken from her.

She tried again to climb the rock wall, but fell again due to her shaking hands. Her fear had stretched to new heights, and all she could think was, "I don't want to go back! I don't want to go back!" Again she tried to climb, and again, she fell.

She stood from the hard ground, bleeding from the fall, and turned just in time to see a Graw burst from the trees. He stood at least three heads taller than her, and was hugge. His body was thick, but hard, and his skin was a sickly green. he smelled of rotting carcass, and his teeth were a nasty shade of brown. He roared at her, lunging towards her with his Graw-made wooden spear.

Tiyana's stomach lurched as she threw herself out of the way. "No!" She screamed. More Graw came from the trees as her stomach tightened unbearably, and she doubled over in pain. Her body cracked and began to distort as she howled in pain.

A whip of a material foreign to her snapped around her neck, forcing her to an upright position. Her eyes were wild as she snarled, trying to lunge at the Graw surrounding her. She was overtaken, however, and soon she was being  held by many of the same whips. Her body broke and cracked, and halted in the middle of transformation. She cried out, but her words were no longer human.

A shadow engulfed them all, and Tiyana fell to the ground in pain as the Graw screamed in terror. Tiyana glanced up through blurry eyes to see her savior, a ruby red dragon who was tearing through the Graw. She watched as he stomped them into the ground, as a thick, fiery liquid spewed from his mouth and onto a group of the Graw, hardening around them soon after. This was the last thing she saw before blacking out.

~Well. Forgive any terrible mistakes. I literally just finished writing this in my notebook and copied it into here.
Also, I don't know who drew the picture above, but if it belongs to you, please let me know so I can give you the credit you deserve!

Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.


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