March 11, 2011

The Moonlight Ritual 2

~So, I know I've left a few of you hanging, so give me a chance to apologize.
I seem to have misplaced "The Notebooks", the ones that I keep everything related to my Glowing Forest characters in. I don't know what happened to them and I am frantic. There are quite a few things in those notebooks that I would never show to anyone.
Wish me luck while I'm looking for my notebooks.

Adam furrowed his brows as he watched Kael tidy the area near the tent entrance. "I'm sorry, but I'm confused." He said, striding forward to help Kael move the slate table to the opposite side of the roof terrace. They returned for the accompanying chairs. Kael kept his eyes focused on his work, and all was silent. Adam felt the creeping of doubt growing in his chest. Just as Adam had decided to try and pressure Kael into answering, the others came to join them.

Tiyana wore a knee length cotton dress. It was a tan color, with swirling, hand painted, abstract patterns of color along the hems. She winked at Adam and bounced away to disappear into the waiting tent. Aldon followed slowly after her, pulling off his loose t-shirt to reveal that his torso had been painted with the same colorful swirls as Tiyana's dress. Cystenn came over to Adam as he pinned up his hair in a messy ponytail.

"Hey, love. Are you talking with Kael? He's a great guy, but you won't get much conversation from him." Cystenn smiled.

Adam nodded. "Yeah, I know." He turned to watch as Kael walked away from them. Tiyana met him at the tent entrance and kissed his cheek before leading him inside. Adam turned his focus back to Cystenn. "I don't quite understand your friends, Cystenn."

"What do you mean? I know they aren't the perfect family, but..." Cystenn tugged at Adam's shirt. "Take this off so you can get ready."

Adam removed his shirt for Cystenn, who was preparing some paints and washing a paintbrush in a cup of water. "Well, first of all, are Tiyana, Kael, and Aldon all together? Or am I imagining that?" Adam asked. Cystenn began to paint the same symbols on Adam's chest. Adam glanced at the symbols. "What are these for?"

"So many questions!" Cystenn laughed. "Ok. No, but you aren't imagining it, and these are essential to what we will be doing tonight."

Adam scratched his head in confusion. "Um. If they aren't, but I'm not imagining it, then what the hell is it?" Adam reached out and grabbed Cystenn's wrist. "And, sorry, but what are we doing tonight?"

Cystenn grinned. He kissed Adam's arm and replied, "Sweetie, we're going back in time."

"And, Adam, dear, I can answer your questions about us." Tiyana said, walking over to them with her hands resting on her hips. She smiled warmly at Adam. "You see, I met Kael when he was but eighteen or nineteen years old. We married very soon after that." Tiyana picked up a small paintbrush and dipped it into the red paint. As she helped Cystenn with the symbols, she continued, "I was always running away from something. Or someone. So at one point after our marriage, I had to leave, and quickly. I ran into Aldon, and, well..."

"They got down and dirty." Cystenn interjected, sticking his tongue out at Tiyana, who laughed.

"Yes, that." Tiyana chuckled. "But, more importantly, Aldon followed me back home. And he's been there ever since."

"He's like a stray dog, really." Cystenn laughed as he washed his paintbrush clean.

~Well, I'm a bit out of time for the moment, but more will come of this story.
Also, please check out my new pages! Some are not completed at this time, but there are a few with some interesting things! And they will be updated soon enough!

Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.

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