February 25, 2011

Gla'nnara's Downfall

~A little introduction about this one -
Gla'nnara is ruled by a strict "stick-to-the-bloodline" policy. Cystenn is next in line for the crown, though he is not the current king's son. The current King Roledan is his uncle, who did not marry and never had any children.
The Nagi are a group of six council members, considered to be the best at what they do. They are the king's advisory group, and often take care of most political affairs without involving the king, though he has the last say in every decision. Should the king ever die without an heir to the throne, the Nagi would take control of the region, as well as deciding on a new king.

In the days before Gla'nnara fell, riots broke out in the Common District. Blood was shed, and destruction of the homes and buildings were gradually getting worse. The normally peaceful Glow Elves were struck down by their own kin, and hatred clouded their hearts.

The Nagi had attempted to halt the riots with careful, but harsh monitoring of the Common Elves. For a time, this worked. The Common Elves stopped their hateful acts, and they even returned to cultivating the nature and caring for the forest creatures that lived nearby. The Nagi were satisfied with this result and loosened their strict enforcements.

With their minds no longer preoccupied on the Common Elves, the Nagi gathered at the request of Lady Thera. The new king, Cystenn Roledan, had been performing some unruled spells since the start of the riots. Lady Thera worried that King Cystenn would stumble into a magic ritual he would not be able to control. She moved for an interference. The rest of the Nagi agreed.

The riots had dissipated for good only two weeks before, but King Cystenn had not shown himself outside the royal quarters of the Palace District yet. Even during the riots, Cystenn had not been seen.

The Nagi had taken over in his absence, giving him what they thought was much needed grieving time. After all, he had lost his mother and uncle within two days' time, only to be denied a grievance period, and burdened with the responsibility as Gla'nnara's and The Glowing Forests' new king. Cystenn's trusted menservants were the last to see him, and even those servants had disappeared before the riots. Worried about what they might find, the Nagi went to Cystenn's chambers.

Night had fallen, and the Nagi hurried down the long hallway that led to the King's bedroom, their footsteps echoing off the marble walls, and their shadows jumped across the floor as the blue flames that lit the Districts at night flickered in their lanterns.

They were only halfway to Cystenn's quarters when Lord Illun stopped. The rest of the Nagi followed suit, stopping a few steps behind him.

"It's dark." Lord Shai said softly, speaking everyone's thoughts.

Lord Natelune glanced behind him, noting that usually the magical lanterns were lit every few feet. "How very...odd." He motioned towards the darkness. "Look there." At the end of the hall, a dim blue circle of light appeared.

Lord Argain shifted on his feet nervously, his voice shaking slightly as he suggested, "Perhaps we should come back when it is daylight out."

Lady Thera let out an exasperated sigh, striding past her fellow council members. "You are all spineless. Either join me, or return home." As she disappeared into the darkness, the men heard her say, "Weak minds do not allow strong and necessary decisions."

Lord D'Thalla followed quickly and closely behind Lady Thera. Lords Illun, Shai, Natelune, and Argain paused, considering what may lie in the darkness before them. The dim blue flame at the end of the hall flickered, as if beckoning to them. Taking a deep, silent breath, Lord Illun stepped forward, and the others followed.

~There is more to this story, but I'm afraid this will be all I post of it. I am writing a book, after all, and what fun would there be if the ending were revealed online? :D
Oh yes, I should have said this in my first post, but I'm kind of an idiot at times. Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.

I suck at trying to sound out words for others, but here's my best try on their names.
Cystenn : (Cyst-E-n)
Thera : (There-a) :p Easy one.
Illun : (E-lun)
Shai : (Shy) xD
Natelune : (Nah-te-lune)
Argain : (R-gain)
D'Thalla : (D-Thal-a)


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