February 23, 2011

Introducing Thera

Location: Gla'nnara's centre - The Elite Area, West side, near The Glowing Forests of Roledan
~A quick bit of background on Gla'nnara -
Gla'nnara is a city compromised of Elves. They are generally known as "Glow Elves" thanks to the Glowing Forest that spans the West border, going North to South, of the Elven region.
~The Elite Area -
Elite elves live in the central area of the city of Gla'nnara. The Common elves live in the southern area, and the Royal elves occupy a small portion of the northern area. This is where King Roledan's castle is.

It wasn't right, forcing a girl like her to undergo such vigorous training. And for nothing more than the Nagi, at that. What the training was for was unknown to her. She assumed that she was an experiment, leading the way to others who would be taught like her. She assumed she was to become a weapon for the Nagi Councilmen.

Thera spent most of her time with Master Nimlyn, who had taken her in at birth. He had raised her and taught her magic. He was not a sensitive man, often berating her as a young child when her skills did not meet his strict standards.

Today, Thera was an older teenager, about to move into her thousandth year of life soon, and Master Nimlyn was teaching her just how weak her defenses really were. "Thera! You will not survive this blast if you do not harden that barrier!" He shouted at her over the deafening roar of the fireball growing in his hands.

Thera glared at her master through the dirt and sweat running into her eyes. She was tired from the hours of training already, and struggled to keep the pale pink barrier around her body. "I can't believe he's going to throw a huge fucking fireball right at me." She muttered to herself.

"Strengthen it!" Master Nimlyn shouted just seconds before releasing the fireball. Thera had a momentary lapse of panic, causing her barrier to break. She fumbled quickly through the motions to form another protection barrier.

The world shook as Master Nimlyn's fireball crashed into Thera. Fire spread quickly, overtaking the trees, and burning flowers into ash. Master Nimlyn hurried across the few yards between them, thinking the worst. He cupped his hands and blew into them. Stretching towards the fire, he opened his hands, releasing a whirlwind that quickly put out the fire.

There lay Thera, under what had been a mountain of fire, arms outstretched, and surrounded by a dark pink, opaque barrier. Her eyes were shut tightly. Master Nimlyn began to laugh.

"The gods be damned, Thera! I thought you had finally died!" He exclaimed, doubling over with laughter.

Thera slowly relaxed her body, releasing the barrier and taking slow, deep breaths. Finally she sat up, "I don't see anything funny about this. I almost died!"

Master Nimlyn suddenly halted his laughter and stood upright. "But you did not. Now go and get yourself presentable. We are having dinner with someone special tonight." And with that, Master Nimlyn walked away, leaving Thera on the ground.
Thera leaned against the window, looking down at the open air garden. The moon was bright tonight and the flowers loved it. Their colors glowed vibrantly, and even the trees seemed to stretch towards the night sky.

Many people were gathered the four stories below her, talking and laughing. Their melodic voices travelled towards her, but they were faint and unintelligible once reaching her window. Thera smiled to herself. She loved moments like this, even more so because they were so few. A breeze flowed through her window, and Thera stood tall and proud as she dropped her bathing towel to the stone floor.

This is all for Thera at the moment. She is a relatively new character, seeing as she has only been around for about a year now. This is also the first "published" bit of work about her. Her original design was when she was much, much older (the equivalent to 45 years in human age). This is the beginning of her past.

~If you have any questions about a character, a region of Gla'nnara, or even any questions about the rest of the small world that houses the other races, post it in a comment and I'll post you a reply!

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