February 22, 2011

A Place for Brainstorms and Heartache

I have this little area in my head. And that area is devoted to not one, or even two, people. Instead, there are thousands and millions of little and big personalities roaming around.

There have been occassions where they have taken over and I've found myself cutting into my finger instead of a potato because Cystenn has decided that I should be more focused on him instead of dinner.

There have been times where Aldon and Tiyana have barged into a pleasantly serene dream only to cause chaos and destruction during the wee hours of the night.

And let us not forget the fateful afternoon where Kael decided that he had been ignored for long enough and ended up distracting me with conversation long enough to get me more than 20 miles from where I had been heading and much more lost than I'd ever been before.

Well. They are not going to be ignored any more. This will be a safe haven, not only for my lovely characters, but also for myself. I hope that whoever reads this ends up falling in love with my characters just as much as I am.


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  1. yay! I'm excited!! I love Aldon and Tiyana!! can't wait to hear more bout em


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