March 25, 2011

Magic Makes The World Go Round

Anddddddd Action!

Drawn my wonderful sketch artist: AJ!

The dragon wore a special made set of armor, which included a crinet to cover the softer portion of his neck, a shaffron, which protected his face and was equipped with spikes for an extra advantage, and peytral, designed to keep enemies from his weakest spot, the chest and underbelly. The strange man who had pulled her onto the dragon’s back sat in a seat fashioned from metal and leather that appeared to attach to the crinet and shaffron to hold it in place. Before taking off into flight, Tiyana had only glanced at the man. He wore robes made of a thick, black material that fit tightly against his slim body, and covered him completely. Even with the hood darkening his face, Tiyana had only seen a strip of his skin, which was a milky white, and bright red eyes that stared her down.

Tiyana laid flat on the wide expanse of the dragon’s neck, her fingers digging deep in his scales, holding on for dear life. She dared not look down, for fear of falling to her death. Her stomach lurched with every stroke of his wings, and she prayed that she would not lose her meager breakfast all over her rescuer’s back. Her eyes would have stayed tightly shut, if she had not felt the strange white man’s hand on her forearm. Just turning her head made the bones in her neck and collar crack, and she whimpered at the excrutiating pain as he dragged her slowly towards him.

“Take hold.” He ordered in a deep, almost gravelly, voice, as he struggled to pull her deformed body to his seat. Tiyana obeyed, whimpering as her fingers wrapped around the sun-warmed metal.

It felt like years before they finally landed. Tiyana fell to the ground once she saw the grass, but was only able to hiss and curl from the pain, instead of burying her nose into the earth like she desired. The man who had accompanied her jumped down, landing smoothly next to her. “What’s wrong, feir?” He asked softly. The dragon moved over her, staring at her briefly before sniffing curiously at her.

He knelt next to her crumpled body. “You are in pain. Yes, that’s easy to see.” He nodded, and Tiyana wasn’t sure if it was at her, or to himself. He pulled at her arms, trying to move them from her stomach. “Sha feir! I cannot help if you don’t relax!” He scolded. Tiyana forced her body limp, shaking and crying from the pain. He pushed and prodded at her body, feeling from her neck to her abdomen. The dragon sniffed her again.

“She is stuck, Rayne.” The dragon nodded his head, moving in closer to peer down at Tiyana, who stared at this beast with wide eyes. Her shock was easy to see.

“Addendor, please. I can’t help her if I can’t see.” Rayne firmly pushed the dragon’s snout away. “I know she’s stuck, but I’m not sure how to help her out of it.” Addendor moved closer again, and Rayne sighed in annoyance. Addendor let out a huff, nearly knocking Rayne over with the force of it. He turned, careful not to step on his much smaller companions, and made himself comfortable under the shade of some trees.

Rayne popped his knuckles and began massaging Tiyana’s abdomen with quick, precise motions. His fingertips glowed slightly, and Tiyana’s uneasiness in her stomach grew. Watching his fingers fly caused her to feel dizzy, and she soon lost her breath. She gasped for air frantically, but could not move. After a few seconds, she fell into darkness.

Addendor, who had been watching the ritual carefully, narrowed his eyes as Rayne’s glowing fingers began to leave shimmering streaks of light across her abdomen. Rayne was focused, watching the lights and feeling the magic coursing through her. He hadn’t even noticed how Tiyana’s body was shifting, changing. Rayne was enthralled by the power he felt. He didn’t know what it was, but he deeply wished to possess it. The world around him was blank, and meaningless, compared to the magic before him. Without any forethought into what he was doing, and without remembering his original task, Rayne plunged his hands into the magic.

Tiyana awoke, screaming as Rayne’s hands disappeared into her stomach. Addendor rushed to his feet, roaring at Rayne, who seemed to hear neither of his companions. Rayne could feel the magic, silky on his hands, as it seemed to stretch into his grasp, wanting to be held and consumed. Closing his fingers around it, he pulled hard, trying to bring the enchanted lighted mass to his chest.

Tiyana’s eyes were wide and red, and her face covered in tears. Her back arched painfully as Rayne pulled. Addendor ran the few steps over to them, spinning around to whip his tail at Rayne, causing him to fall back and pull free of Tiyana. The orb of magic came with him, and immediately absorbed into his hands.

With Tiyana now free of Rayne, Addendor took a deep breath, and blew smoke tinged with yellow over her mouth. As she breathed in it, coughing and sputtering, the bruises on her skin cleared up. Sufficiently satisfied, Addendor turned to his mage-friend, hurrying to cover his pale skin from the sun.

Rayne moaned as he sat up. He glanced up at Addendor, who stared down at him. “My hood!” Rayne exclaimed, fumbling for the thick black hood to pull it over his pale, almost white, hair.

I know, I know. "You suck! Why do you always stop in weird places?" I'll be back. :)

Everything posted here is first draft material. This is how it comes from my head and onto the paper. So if you come across any horribly spelled words or anything that you yourself would change in my posts, please let me know. I love to hear other's opinions.


  1. been trying to comment on your this post, just to tell you i think you tell awesome stories :)

    and that i have closed both my blogs down for now


  2. Aww. Why'd you close them down, DG? I hope you re-open them eventually. :)

  3. Nothing much just some problems :)

  4. Oh! And thanks for the comment. :) Everything I put on here is usually first draft stuff, so it's not my best, but it's nice to find people like it anyway.


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