April 23, 2011


Cystenn explains a few things to Aldon.

"So...I don't get it."

Cystenn glances at Aldon, who is leaning against a tree, his hands resting loosely behind his head. "What? The spells? I told you already, thoughts are energy, and words are spells."

"So if I just..." Aldon picked up a small stone and held it flat on his palm. "Fly." The rock did not move.

Cystenn walked over and plopped down in front of Aldon. He shook his head, lightly touching the rock with his fingertips. "This rock has energy. It's an energy all it's own." He tapped Aldon's forehead with his index finger. "You see the energy here. Do you see it? This rock has a light, grey energy. You are holding it however, so when I see the energy, it's mixed with yours, which is actually a light green."

"I'm green, huh? Neat." Aldon smiled. "But...I don't see the energy."

"Well it takes a while to get it. You have to be in tune with nature, with your surroundings, to start seeing it. But anyway." Cystenn said, waving his hand dismissively.

"Please, do go on." Aldon laughed.

Cystenn smiled. "Since I know the rock has a grey energy, I can focus on it, instead of you." He brought his hands together, forming multiple signs. "These motions help my energy reach out to the rock's energy. Before I can move the rock, I have to 'touch' it. Every person has their own motions, and most have multiple ones, depending on the spell you want to perform."

Aldon quirked an eyebrow at this. "So it's all random?"

Cystenn shook his head. "It may seem that way, but it isn't random. It's just that, as you grow into 'feeling' your surroundings, your body reacts differently than others. Also, sometimes your body urges you into different motions for the same spell, usually if there is a weight or mass difference." He sighed. "I'm just confusing you, aren't I?"

"A bit." Aldon nodded in agreement.

"Sorry." Cystenn smiled.

Aldon put the rock down as he asked, "Ok, but how do you learn magic?"

Cystenn sat straight and tall, clasping his hands together in his lap. "It starts with a lot of patience. And meditation." He grinned as Aldon copied his movements. "You have to hear everything. Eventually, you'll smell and see everything as well, even in a city. Once you focus on your surroundings, everything, including your opponent, disappear."

Aldon tilted his head to the side in confusion. "But how do you know where to aim then?"

"At that moment, you don't." Cystenn slouched into a relaxed position. "That's how you know you're ready for battle; when you can switch from that meditation to see your opponent's position and back quickly."

"I think I'd make a terrible mage." Aldon laughed, stretching and falling back to lie in the grass.

Cystenn stretched out next to him, smirking as he said, "Yeah. I think so too."


  1. Alright I like this, is it a short story or will there be more :)

    It is good as a short story because it doesn't leave you just hanging there waiting for more but you can add more when/if you want to.

    Anyways great work :)

  2. I want to add more to it, DG. Right now I've been working on my book, so I haven't posted too much here. But it was an easy way to keep myself reminded on how I wanted magic to work in my story, so I put this up.

    I'm glad you like it! Thanks for always reading my stuff!


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